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dc.contributor.authorChávez, Claudia Paulina Machuca; Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social-Distrito Federal, México.
dc.description.abstractJustice Administration was one of the fundamental tasks undertook in the Indies by the Spanish Empire. During Spain’s Old Regime “to rule” meant to “dispense justice” in accordance with the divine order. Local justice rested in the hands of alcaldes ordinarios and, at the provincial level, on those of the alcaldes mayores. Crimes were punished by public executions, exile, imprisonment and pecuniary penalties. In Seventeenth-Century Colima, sentencing dramas were an everyday occurrence. Homicides, burglaries, assaults with deadly weapons, resisting authorities and livestock rustling, among other crimes, were penalized by the competent authorities.
dc.titleAl servicio de su majestad. Sentencias judiciales en la provincia de Colima en los albores del siglo XVII

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